Get Better At Anything Today

Yesterday I made a bit of a mistake. Not a life altering, never-be-the-same-again kind of mistake. Just a little mistake which I have made in the past and didn’t want to make again.

Today I have a couple of options. I can choose to look back on it in dismay, throw my hands in the air and beat myself up for it. Or I can choose to recognise the mistake and make a plan for handling it better next time.

“There’s no value in making yourself feel bad for the sake of it”

The real benefit of this approach is that you take the negativity of the mistake, and turn it into a positive.

So stop beating yourselves up, people. Recognise it, make a plan, and move forward. By doing that, you’re getting better at that thing straight away. You can apply this to anything, learning, fitness, music.

The key is just to get a little better every day. Stop making excuses. Suck it up – and move forward.



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About Tony Jay

For the last 19 years I have been a software consultant to major corporations and boutique businesses alike. I've consulted to Media, Utility, Banking and Aviation clients in Europe and Australia.

In my spare time I'm relaxing with the family, playing poker with my friends, and wondering what exciting things are around the corner.


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