Software Consultant Careers

The single more important thing that a software consultant can do is recognise the reason that you exist.

You fill a business need.

How successful you are with your career, how well you do as a software consultant, will always be judged by the people who are paying for your time.  The business is what’s paying for your time, so put their needs first. Great software isn’t about the best technical solution, it’s about fulfilling the requirements of the person who is paying for you.  This fact will never change.

From the perspective of the business that pays for your time, the software engineering principles that you have learned during the course of your education don’t rate. This is what a software consultant is all about.  Great software fits a business need, not what technologists would tell you is great software.

This is  We’ll teach you how to write great software by filling business needs, and how to make it in the world of independent software consultants.

Regards, Tony

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